I Can't Stop Playing With Oppo Reno's Nub

By Tegan Jones on at

This week Oppo's 5G Reno phone went on sale. I've been playing with it and while a full review is still aways off, there is one thing I must share immediately: I am obsessed with its nub.

I tried to think of a less dirty way of writing that, but it's not possible, probably.

Yes, the Oppo Reno has a nub. A bump. A raised knobbly bit that sticks out from the back of the device. It is small, round and noticeably protrudes.

But let's dial but the filth wizardry for a moment. Because to be fair there is an incredibly practical purpose for this little bumpy lad to exist.

It's raison d'etre is to raise the phone ever so slightly in order to protect the camera lenses from scratches when placed on hard surfaces.

Considering the device costs £700, I applaud the logic.

However, this has not been its primary use case for me. Oh no.

I wish I knew how to quit you

Taking the Reno out for a jaunt over the long weekend, I noticed myself rubbing the back of it with alarming frequency. More so than the other four phones I was packing.

(I was grabbing camera samples, please don't rob me.)

I found that there was something pleasant about unconsciously caressing the Oppo. Soothing, even. It actually took me awhile to register that I was rubbing my finger specifically against the nub.

As I walked around the city, repeating the same motion over and over and over and over and over... I realised that this was one of my favourite features of the phone, albeit a bloody weird one.

That statement is also by no means a sledge. The shark fin camera pop-up camera continues to delight me and I love me that 4,065mAh battery.

But as a fidgeter by nature, having something to mess with on the back of a device that I use in high frequency is relaxing. And the fact that doing so isn't detrimental to any of the external phone features is just a bonus.

So if you're looking for a 5G phone and are a repetitive fidgeter like yours truly, the Reno may inadvertently have a unique selling point.

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