Intel Wants Video Games to be an Olympic Sport

By Gary Cutlack on at

Intel fancies getting its logo in front of the millions that watch the Olympics every four years, and is lobbying hard to get video games, in their more grown-up and regulated esports category, approved for inclusion in future Olympic events.

This is coming from Intel UK's gaming & esports boss Scott Gillingham, who would definitely be in line for a promotion to a more glamorous part of the business were he to pull it off. Gillingham says Intel has been talking to the IOC about the status of esports, although discussions currently involve telling the old grey men of the organising committee exactly what esports is, so there's clearly a long way to go yet before you can pack your expensive mouse and head off to represent the nation at FIFA 2024 or FIFA 2028. Maybe in time for FIFA 2032.

Gillingham said: "...we're totally open and have been talking to the Olympics to let them understand what esports is and what potential there could be for it, but ultimately it is down to Olympic Committee on whether they decide to bring it on." [Sky News]