John Lewis Will Build Your Poshbox Kitchen Extension as Well as Sell the Taps

By Gary Cutlack on at

Retailer John Lewis is getting into home refurbs and the loft conversion scene, if there are any unconverted lofts left in the country, and is about to launch a full planning and building service for its enthusiast customers, who will soon be able to have their lofts converted and their kitchens extended and renewed through a one-stop renovation option.

Two things are to be combined to make it happen; the shop's own Home Solutions tradesperson booking service and the Opun building business it bought last year. Together, they'll ask you what colours you like and how much money you've got, do the drawings, rip out the old stuff, put in the new stuff and give you a bill for it all, via what they're calling an "end-to-end home improvement service."

If it lets you talk to builders through a third-party or an app, that'd be great. No one wants to have to talk to a builder. Not that there's anything wrong with them, they just have this strange language all of their own and every attempt at a joke falls flat. Maybe John Lewis will order them to laugh at the jokes of nervous and threatened male customers? [John Lewis via BBC]