Kettering Bingo Hall Repurposed as Cannabis Factory

By Gary Cutlack on at

Criminals of the gardening variety have been caught operating a massive cannabis growing operation in the very heart of Kettering town centre, where a closed bingo hall formerly operated by the Gala chain was found packed to the rafters with healthy looking specimens of the plant, almost ready for picking and hand-rolling into the finest of locally sourced cigars.

And it wasn't just a few plants on a windowsill, either. The entire hall was filled with cannabis plants and their associated lighting rigs and fans, with police estimating a few thousand were happily growing away inside; with a potential street value in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, had the enforcers not busted in started at them with water pistols loaded with Roundup Fast Action Total Weedkiller.

To the dismay of Gala Bingo, local police hashtagged-in the entertainment hub on its social coverage of the bust, when it proudly reported uncovering the "large-scale cannabis factory" in the old Gala hall. They made a little documentary for the internet too, as it was such a massive haul:

The perpetrators must be stealing the electricity as well, as police have called in the utility providers to shut off the plant plant's power. 483 sacks of it are now kicking around, awaiting destruction. [Twitter via Sky News]