Lego Says It Didn't Steal the Idea for Its Jurassic World T-Rex From Lego Ideas Submission

By Shabana Arif on at

Lego revealed its 3,120 Jurassic World T-Rex this week, complete with minifigs and the iconic Jurassic Park gates, but now the company is fending off any potential accusations that it's based on a rejected Lego Ideas concept.

The concept in question was submitted by sentoesan and featured the T-Rex, the park gates, three figures, and a tour car. Observe:

The official Lego set isn't quite the same, as you can see in our main image, but Lego has released a statement covering its arse anyway.

"Although the new 75936 Jurassic Park T-Rex Rampage set shares similarities in design to the LEGO Ideas submission “Jurassic Park” by senteosan, this model was developed entirely internally by a team of LEGO Designers who create great new sets that kids and adult fans alike are passionate about," it reads.

"The basis of their model was a large, grey, brick-built T-Rex created by LEGO Designer Mike Psiaki in 2012 when he joined the LEGO Group and from there the model evolved by including the iconic Jurassic Park gates to add additional building experience and value for 'Expert' builders."

It goes on to say that by allowing submissions based on third-party licenses, there are bound to be instances of "unintentional overlaps" between fan submissions and products being developed internally.

"This is simply because great minds think alike sometimes, especially when basing designs on popular licenses of movies, TV shows, vehicles, buildings and more, with whom we either already collaborate with or who fit the LEGO brand values for potential future collaborations."

Lego stresses that this is all laid out in the Lego Ideas guidelines, so you'll just have to take its word for it. [BrickFanatics]