Legoland Windsor Now Has its Own Mini Glastonbury

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Miniland area of Legoland is probably one of the best parts of the park. Partly because there are no queues, and also because you get to check out some of the pretty spectacular Lego displays that have been put out for you to gawp at. The park is constantly adding new bits to the area, especially around big events, and the latest to hit the grass is a miniature version of the Glastonbury festival.

Around 10,000 bricks have been used to put together a recreation of the display, with around half going towards the recreation of the Pyramid Stage. On top of that there's also a back stage are, fans, and other bits and pieces you'd find on any festival grounds. Presumably, given Legoland's kid-friendly atmosphere, there won't be any Lego people doing drugs or getting shitfaced. Those are activities reserved for bored parents who resent having to queue so long to ride the dragon coaster.

Also included are recreations of celebrities like Kylie Minogue, one of them from Oasis, Miley Cyrus, and more. I'm not sure the Lego people are detailed enough for people who don't know those characters intimately already, so maybe they're labelled or something.

Paula Laughton, Head Model Maker at the LEGOLAND Windsor said:

“We’ve had so much fun building the headliners and some of the stars in this year’s Glastonbury line-up. It’s great to get creative with models of music legends – pint-sized pop princess Kylie is made up of just 36 LEGO bricks! The festival is synonymous with British summertime and we love it when we can update Miniland with iconic events for our guests to spot when they visit us.”