Lidl's Flavour of the Week Rolls out American Sweets and Snacks Across Its Stores

By Shabana Arif on at

Lidl is getting you prepped for a big fat American summer so forget working on that beach body and let it all hang out by chowing down on these artery-blocking snacks.

The Flavour of the Week event kicks off tomorrow, and includes enough American candy to rot out your teeth and then some. It's not just limited to the sweet stuff; you'll find burgers and sausages to throw on the barbecue, and sliced ham and chicken for a tasty deli-style sandwich.

Obviously, our pork and beef isn't good enough for Americans - what with our history of mental cows and gammy flu-infected pigs - so you'll be delighted to see maple and bacon British pork sausages and Irish Rustlers burgers on the menu.

You'll even find doughnut makers, candyfloss machines, and bubble waffle makers amongst the array of food.

The items won't be around forever. As soon as everything's been snapped up, that's it, so now's your chance to grab a jar of Goober grape and peanut butter jelly, or a Lucky Charms-alike called Marshmallow Mateys that you can also get from Tesco, so even if you miss out, you can get your horribly unhealthy cereal from somewhere else just as easily. [Metro]

Feature image credit: Unsplash