London to Go Car-Free for a Day This September to Give Everyone's Lungs a Break

By Shabana Arif on at

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, continues to champion environmental causes with a doozy on the way this September that will see the closure of roads in the city centre, and around Tower Bridge and London Bridge.

Touted as the biggest car-free day the capital has ever seen, Khan says it's an opportunity for the city dwellers to "see the city from a different perspective" as they traverse the streets on foot or by bike.

To add a dash of fun to the occasion, many boroughs will be creating "play streets" for kids and calling on residents to lend a hand and get involved.

“It’s exciting to see London adopting the idea of having a car-free day, something great cities across the world from Paris to Bogotá have been giving a try," said Greenpeace UK's Areeba Hamid. "Reducing toxic air pollution and carbon emissions are vital, but they are far from the only benefit of reclaiming our streets.”

Dr Audrey de Nazelle, from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London, commented that the event is important because it will demonstrate "actually living the joys of a car-free or carless city," demonstrating what "a future healthy London could be like."

London air is pretty gross - the Underground even more so - with the mayor calling it a "public health crisis that leads to thousands of premature deaths in the capital every year."

If you'd like to experience the miracle or carless portions of London, the event is scheduled for September 22. [The Guardian]

Featured image: Unsplash