London's Underground is So Ancient it Sometimes Gets Replacement Parts From Museums

By Shabana Arif on at

That's right. Parts of the London are so decrepit that spare parts are getting pilfered from the Transport Museum, which makes us all feel very safe.

During the State of London Debate with James O'Brien, London mayor Sadiq Khan casually admitted that the signalling system is old as fuck, and compounded that little tidbit by telling the audience that the parts are so old they're no longer in production, so it's off to the museum if anything breaks down.

The segment of the debate covers the £5 million investment in the tube network and what that money is being spent on.

Khan was explaining where the investment would be going, mentioning the new trains and the signalling system.

"The problem when you improve infrastructure that you can't see is that you don't see the benefit of the investment," he said. "So you can see the swanky new trains, but we also need to invest in the signalling.

"We're using levers basically. We need to, sometimes... go to the transport museum to get spare parts for the signalling because they don't make them anymore."

O'Brien seemed as flabbergasted as the rest of us at this admission asking if it was true. It is, James. And it's fucking ridiculous. [LBC]