Make the WWDC Keynote More Interesting With Our Themed Bingo Board

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple events happen a lot, and most of the time they end up rather boring. Especially when executives are on stage talking about new software features and why having 'folders' is something amazing and miraculous. That seriously happened last year, all the while our Apple-loving ex-editor was crooning about how great it was. I was loudly complaining and rolling my eyes, like the good little Windows user that I am.

So we're making things interesting again and bringing back Apple Night bingo. We've done it in the past but getting everything sorted in advance got the better of us, but now we're bringing it back. So if you're going to tune into the WWDC keynote livestream, you should definitely play along. The rules are simple, watch the keynote with our bingo board handy and stamp whatever things happen as they happen.

We will be updating the board over on our Twitter account throughout the night, and we'll be back on site to post the final results once the event has wound down to a close. And of course we'll also be posting all the biggest news from the night, and tweeting about things as and when they happen. Not to worry, we're trying to make the whole thing as interesting as possible. Because if we're bored, it's guaranteed everyone else is.

Featured image: ChiniGaray/Pixabay (modified)