Masked Mime Artist Cons Villagers Out of Several Pounds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Residents of the Forest of Dean village of Woolaston are at the centre of a bizarre mystery, after a local village fundraiser was hijacked by a masked mime artist.

The man, covered from head to toe in a checked bodysuit, walked around and handed out flyers asking fete attendees to guess his real name, with the game inferring it was a local loudmouth going undercover for a laugh. The entry fee was £1, with funds supposedly going to the Woolaston Memorial Hall project -- but the guy disappeared after the event, taking the money with him.

The police were called after the money failed to materialise, and led to the fraud hitting the national news, much to the amazement of locals. But there has been a development; Woolaston Hall says it now has the competition entry money, explaining: "The money has been received via an intermediary. The identity of Mystery Man continues to be a source of conversation though. We still don't know who he is," or whether it was his plan to hand over the money all along, of it he only flipped to the light side when it went global and the police were called. [Daily Record]

Image credit: Woolaston Hall