Museum Wants to Save Trump Balloon for Future Generations

By Gary Cutlack on at

The massive Trump ballon that's set to fly again today in honour of the official (right old) state (of that) visit that's going on at the moment could well end its days on display in the Museum of London, with exhibition bosses thinking it's an ideal way of logging post millennial ironic protest movements.

And yes, to make sure it's all balanced and fair, they'd also like to get the alt-blimp of London mayor and occasional Trump nemesis Sadiq Khan that a pro-Trump/anti-London lobby had built too, ensuring both sides of London's bizarre aerial protest wars are preserved for future generations to take a selfie with and say "WTF?" beneath in a caption.

Museum Of London director Sharon Ament  said: "They’re both really important and of their time. They characterise a satirical characteristic of British people, the way in which we sometimes respond to big issues using satire. They acknowledge the social discourse and dialogue in society at the moment." [Londonist]

Image credit: Twitter