NHS Opens Child Gambling Clinics for the Loot Box Generation

By Gary Cutlack on at

The NHS is preparing to open a nationwide set of gambling clinics for young people this year, to combat the "scourge" of problem gambling driven by gaming sites and targeted adverts.

The Gambling Commission has told the health body that as many as 55,000 children may be in need of a referral to try to stop their addictions and gambling problems, with 450,000 young people thought to be regularly taking part in some sort of online betting or virtual goods trading-cum-gaming systems that could be classified as gambling.

NHS England boss Simon Stevens said: "This action shows just how seriously the NHS takes the threat of gambling addiction, even in young people, but we need to be clear -- tackling mental ill health caused by addiction is everyone’s responsibility – especially those firms that directly contribute to the problem." [NHS via Guardian]