NHS Wants Mumsnet to Help Fill Jobs Black Hole

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mumsnet, which is like 4chan but for asking if it's still OK to hit kids if they're your own and you do it gently and not in the face, is about to be phished for staff by the NHS, as health service bosses think it's heaving with the sort of people you'd want stitching you back together in the nation's hospital wards.

The plan is part of the latest NHS England plan, called the People Plan, that aims to increase staff hiring and retention rates, also making more room for student nurses by quickly creating 5,700 extra placements for students this year. The bizarre Mumsnet part of the scheme sees the parenting forum coming onboard as a partner to "...inspire more nurses to return to the NHS" as, someone must've noticed, lots of retired or career-changed nurses tend to congregate there to offer their help online.

An additional and harder bullet point on the list of changes to tick off is an ambition to make the NHS "the best place to work" in England, which it'll try to do by rethinking its pension schemes, hiring a new Chief People Officer to work on staff engagement issues across the country, and doubling spaces in the NHS Graduate Trainee scheme to sucker more university leavers into a career in management. [NHS via BBC]