One Welsh Street is So Polluted The Council Wants to Destroy it

By Gary Cutlack on at

The residents of Woodside Terrace in Crumlin, South Wales, could soon have their homes compulsorily purchased off them, as the council tries to come up with a quick method of reducing exposure to pollution in the area.

Caerphilly county borough council could end up spending as much as £4.5m on purchasing the entire terrace of 23 homes, which sits conveniently but unhealthily on the side of the A472. The homes were built opposite a steep slope along the busy road, an unfortunate layout that creates a channel of doom allowing pollution to collect and linger, leaving residents stuck with sooty homes and breathing in a dangerously high average NO2 level of 70 micrograms per cubic metre.

The demolition option would see the council buy the homes at above market value and is being presented as the quickest way of removing humans from the polluted hotspot statistics; helping the council avoid being found guilty of breaching air quality compliance guidelines, if not actually addressing the issue of the air quality itself. [The Times]