Openreach Pours Warm Pimms on Boris Johnson's 2025 Full Fibre Target

By Gary Cutlack on at

Boris Johnson, a man best described as a Conservative Party leadership candidate and say no more this is supposed to be a tech blog, recently unilaterally declared that the UK could have a complete full fibre broadband infrastructure by 2025 were he to be enrolled as prime minister -- but the men on the ground in the vans poking wires through the ducts say otherwise.

Clive Selley, the boss of Openreach, said Johnson's vague claim of delivering full fibre to "every home in the land" by 2025 should be seen as a "stretch number" that's only achievable if new money and enhanced governmental support is forthcoming, although Clive did tell his audience at the Connected Britain conference that the numbers are "...not unrealistic and I applaud ambition."

Openreach has said numerous times that it could beat its own fibre rollout timetable if the regulatory environment is relaxed to help everyone involved recoup investments quicker, while the existing government has set a sci-fi date of 2033 for a full fibre UK; although there's bound to be an asterisk or two covering the connections of the most extreme of rural premises, likely to be linked in through satellite, mobile or local radio grids. [Techradar]