Oppo Meshtalk Turns Your Phone into a Medium Range Walkie-Talkie

By Shabana Arif on at

Unveiled at MWC Shanghai, Oppo's MeshTalk allows mobile users to communicate without the need for WiFi, mobile networks, or Bluetooth. So like FireChat, but better.

"Unveiled and demonstrated at Shanghai [MWC], MeshTalk does not need basestations [sic] or other servers resulting a higher level of privacy," Oppo tweeted. "A custom, low power chipset enables a LAN network and relay communication system between multiple OPPO devices when they are within range."

The range outdoors is around 3km/ 1.86 miles, extending further if there are more people around allowing for a signal relay between devices.

Using MeshTalk apparently won't drain your battery to a huge degree, and the company says it will work with a 72-hour standby mode for emergencies in low-power scenarios.

Oppo also gave us a proper look at its under-screen smartphone camera that does away with notches, big bezels, or hole-punch cutouts, by having the front-facing camera located under the display. [The Verge]