Oppo Officially Unveils Its Under-Display Camera and Says It 'Rivals Current Smartphones'

By Shabana Arif on at

After teasing us with the prospect of an under-display front-facing camera just a day before its Innovation Event at MWC Shanghai, Oppo has finally unveiled it in all of its glory.

The under-screen camera technology "utilises a customised camera module, an enhanced translucent panel material combined with advanced processing algorithms to take vivid pictures without a notch or motorised camera," Oppo explained on Twitter.

It added that the algorithms used in the USC technology, as it's now been dubbed, "include haze removal, HDR and white balance resulting in a bezel-less phone, yet with a selfie camera that rivals current smartphones in the market today."

When the USC tech was first revealed earlier this month - alongside Xiaomi's under-display camera - Oppo VP Brian Shen said that the quality of the camera wasn't quite on a par with "normal cameras," saying that "there's bound to be some loss in optical quality."

Obviously that statement isn't quite what we're hearing now, and that was just a few weeks ago. There's no word on when we'll see the USC tech from Oppo hit the market, so perhaps it'll have smoothed out all the kinks by the time it rolls out.