Oppo's New Foldable Phone Patent Shows off Some Much-Needed Changes

By Shabana Arif on at

Oppo joined the ranks of companies telling the world that they're working on a foldable phone earlier this year, but the latest patent shows it's added a popup camera and ditched the bezel.

We first got a whiff of Oppo's foldable phone way back in 2016 and it looked like crap. Huge bezels and big chunky cases made it look more like a Nintendo DS than a smartphone. Earlier this year we got wind of a foldable Oppo was working on again, which we saw at MWC in February, and found it be almost identical to the Huawei Mate X.

"If we always target ourselves as the technological leader in the industry, we should not be surprised or shocked if other companies follow our lead," Huawei said at the time.

Oppo's latest patent (via LetsGoDigital) shows off a choice selection of 3D renders of its foldable smartphone, which now features a popup camera like its Reno 5G, announced in April. This allows for smaller bezels, and a larger screen as a result, and the popup camera looks to be the main, dual-camera system with an additional sensor. It's a world away from that old clunky monstrosity we first saw.

Earlier this month, Oppo (along with Xiaomi) shared a first-look at its under-display camera which could also offer a solution to space-saving for foldables, but the image quality isn't there right now.

Apple recently had a patent approved for a foldable phone, and joins Samsung, Lenovo, LG, and now Oppo in trying to make a bendy phone that actually works. [SlashGear]