Photoshop Challenge: The State of Boris's Home Life

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last weekend Boris Johnson got a little visit from the Fuzz, after a neighbour called in to report a possible domestic disturbance. Apparently Boris was arguing with his partner/girlfriend Carrie Symonds, with one allegedly telling the other to "get out of my flat". Boris has insisted everything is a-ok, and since then a picture of the couple sitting and smiling in a garden has popped up online.

Some people didn't buy it, claiming it was staged, though some people think this means nothing is wrong. but the internet being the internet the photo has now become a meme. So we here at Giz decided, what better way to embrace this new meme than by offering our readers an outlet to one up the people on Twitter. The best one will receive no prize at all, though we may use it on social media for our own benefit. So just FYI.

Here's the template for you to use:

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Editor's Note: Boris is only 55, so doesn't really classify as old. But the same can't be said about some of his ideas and policies, especially when trying to figure out which people deserve tax cuts.