Rail Bosses Told to Fly to Meetings if Train Travel Costs Too Much

By Gary Cutlack on at

An internal document giving Network Rail staff tips on travelling around the UK for work purposes suggests flying, seeing as it is often somehow, bafflingly, incomprehensibly, and seemingly scientifically impossibly cheaper to fly in an aeroplane than buy a train ticket less than two months before your departure. Especially if you said you'd be there by like quarter past nine.

The relevant part of Network Rail's expenses policy says: "UK air travel should be used where it represents the most cost effective option compared to the relevant train fare, when taking into account the total cost of the journey," even though you'd think that being a boss of a train company would get you a magic free pass on all of our many and glorious regional rail franchises.

Network Rail isn't massively embarrassed about this discovery for two reasons; it says that 98 per cent of work trips are done by train, and what with it being paid for out of the public purse it has a responsibility to ensure it doesn't waste public money on... ludicrously expensive train travel. [The Times via iNews]