Ridley Scott Still Happy to be "Bread Advert Man"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hovis is continuing to trade on the back of some old TV advert it had made around 46 years ago, and will be introducing a whole new generation of ITV viewers to the simple delights of classic ad "boy on a bike" this evening.

The ad was famously an early work of director Ridley Scott, who admirably restrained himself to create a twee image of life in t'old days that people still somehow associate with being younger and happier because a child suffered to this day.

Scott has gone back in the old edit suite to create a 4K remaster of the ad with the backing of the British Film Institute archivists, with the upgraded version complete with a freshly recorded soundtrack as performed by the current-gen incumbents of the Ashington Colliery brass band. It'll screen on ITV tonight.

Hovis MD Jeremy Gibson is leading the boasts about the creation of his forefathers in the bakery trade, and said: "We are seeing a mass movement across the country celebrating craftsmanship, traditional products and UK produce, and this advert is one of the most iconic examples of a brand celebrating the ties that bind us as communities and as a country, drawing on tradition but informing our future."

Hovis has bunged a new version up on YouTube that goes up to 1080p, if you want to cry over your toast while longing for simpler times that seem nice but were actually worse because dentists solved everything with pliers and half your children would die of cholera. [Guardian]