RIP Samsung Galaxy Note Headphone Jack

By Tegan Jones on at

Well folks, we may finally be at the end of the road.

While it still graced us with its presence in the Galaxy S10 series, it looks like the beloved headphone jack will finally be saying goodbye when it comes to the Note range.

According to a source from Android Police, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will indeed be devoid of a headphone jack.

As heart breaking as this may for those who don't mind a corded aural experience, this move makes sense. The Note series has often been at the forefront of smart phone experimentation for Samsung.

And to be fair, Samsung has been one of the last major phone manufacturers to continue injecting the jack into its devices. Perhaps its finally time to let go.

Removal of the headphone will also presumably allow the brand to make the Note series thinner, provide added battery capacity and keep up to date with future water proofing ratings. So there's definitely some good news there.

While this rumour may turn out to be bogus, headphone jacks are definitely on the way out when it comes to major device releases. We think this time it could be for real.

Press F to pay respects. [Android Police]

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