Shocking Nobody, the Champion's League Final Caused a Huge Dip in Pornhub Traffic From Liverpool

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last Saturday was the Champion's League Final, which is a big deal if you follow football. This year it was an all-English final, with Liverpool going up against Tottenham Hotspur, which was was an equally big deal for English fans. Especially fans of the team actually involved, for obvious reasons. It got us thinking, is football enough to get people away from their porn? So we asked Pornhub to check the traffic in four cities. Liverpool and London for obvious reasons, plus Birmingham (the control) and Manchester (to see how the inter-city rivalry played into things).

Naturally there was a drop in traffic across the board, though for obvious reasons Liverpool saw the biggest dip.

The game kicked off at 8, but the traffic dip started off three or four hours earlier. Obviously all the scousers were getting ready for the big game, and it being a Saturday I'd guess that involved drinking first. Weirdly the traffic peaked at nine, suggesting a few more people tuned in after half time because Liverpool were winning. The traffic stayed down during the night too, which I assume meant there were plenty of fans celebrating the win rather than wanking. Of course once the game was over traffic began to rise, probably with all the Everton fans, upset that Liverpool won, drowning their sorrows with some porn.

London's traffic wasn't nearly as significant, presumably because the Spurs fans make much less of a dent than Liverpool fans. There are more people and more teams in London, after all, and everyone know most of London supports Manchester United. But Pornhub notes that most of the UK traffic comes from London, so an 11 per cent drop is a big deal.

Weirdly Manchester's traffic went up once the game started, only to dip again at 9pm. Naturally it shot straight back up to near-normal levels once the game was over. Similarly Birmingham dropped by 9 per cent as the game started, and by the time it was over had recovered to 4 per cent above normal levels. It seems that football fans still care, even if their team isn't involved.

Interestingly there wasn't just a drop in traffic in England.

Weirdly Northern Ireland's traffic was way down at the start of the game, only to slowly rise again in the middle of it. The same goes for Scotland, though England and Wales still saw continual decline in traffic throughout the game. But it was just the UK either, even though the whole country saw a drop of 9.3 per cent:

Assuming all these countries were watching the football, why were they so interested in two English teams? Who knows. Maybe some football fans can take to the comments section to explain it.

Featured image: John Jones/Flickr (Modified)