Sniffer Dog Evades Bounty Hunters to Win Trading Standards Hero Award

By Gary Cutlack on at

This adorable substance-sniffing little scamp (centre, front) was so good at detecting the hidden goods of smugglers that a bounty of £25,000 was put on his fluffy little head – but he survived, sniffing out a career-record of £6 million worth of illegally trafficked tobacco.

Scamp he's called, and he's been given a bit of plastic that doesn't squeak and he won't be allowed to chew from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, and has been declared a hero in its 2019 awards. Scamp is not an in-house detective as he's put into work by detection dog specialist BWY Canine, where he's worked for five years confounding the best-hidden dodgy cigarettes of black market dealers.

Scamp's handler Stuart Phillips from BWY also received death threats for the part he played in unleashing the wet nose of justice, but he still attended the awards ceremony and said: "To be nominated for this award by so many trading standards teams is a great honour, but for Scamp to actually win and be awarded the Institute Hero Award is fantastic news for our small Pembrokeshire based company." [CTSI]