Spotify Is Reportedly Working on a New Social Feature That Lets You Listen With Friends

By Shabana Arif on at

Now I don't want to take credit for this, but I was totally moaning about the lamentable absence of this feature to one person around a year ago, so it's 100 per cent my brainchild and now we all know.

The idea is that you can whack on a song and your friends will be able to listen to the same song, in real-time, on their own devices, in their own homes. The days of stuffing someone else's filthy earbud into the recesses of your ear canal will be a thing of the past.

Friends can join one another's sessions via an invite - as shared by App researcher Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter. Social Listening, as it's apparently been dubbed, will also be available for the web version.

The feature isn't publicly available yet, but Wong tweeted out some screen shots detailing how it works. Friends are able to control the music that they're listening to, and you can keep tabs on who's listening with you in the Now Playing screen.

Along with Social Listening, Spotify is also testing a new grid UI for radio stations,a nd a playlists sidebar for the web player.

There's no date yet on when these new features will filter down to the rest of us. [BGR]