Student's App Wakes You Up at Your Train Stop

By Gary Cutlack on at

A student has annoyingly done something interesting and with the potential to be a huge success, with Kent Business School's James Grice releasing an app that's smart enough to know when your train station is coming up and ping you with a warning to wake up and/or get your shit together in time.

It doesn't read minds or anything, with the Stay On Route app first needing to be pre-told what transport stop you want to get off at, then it'll ping you with a preparedness message one mile or so before arrival. It's not just to stop drunk people waking up surrounded by vomit, salad and copies of Metro in the depot either, as the app's serious usage scenarios involve notifying blind or deaf commuters of upcoming stops, or perhaps giving ample warning to passengers who need a bit more time to get ready and move to the exits that they're nearly at their destination.

It's already out on iOS, with Grice looking for feedback from early users to make future iterations work better so he can sell it to Google for a few billion in 2022 and retire, hiring a man to drive him everywhere and wake him up when he arrives with a sausage sandwich and a glass of champagne. [UoK]