Tesco is Looking Into Amazon Go-Style Stores That Cut Down on Human Interactions While Shopping

By Shabana Arif on at

Tesco knows you hate interacting with its staff, and so it's opening a store without them.

Well, without cashiers at least. Following Amazon's lead with its Amazon Go stores, soon you'll be able to wander into Tesco and meander through the aisles nibbling on things and stuffing them into your trolley, and just stroll out. A network of cameras and AI will figure out what you've pilfered and you'll be billed for it via an app. That's how the Amazon version works at least.

Tesco is working with Trigo Vision to make that delightful fantasy a reality, so attempting to catch the attention of the acne-riddled teenage staff discussing their weekend plans will be a thing of the past.

According to Pocket-Lint, Tesco has been testing checkout-free stores but they won't be launching in the immediate future, as Trigo Vision's tech isn't going to be ready for another year.

Microsoft was in talks last year to introduce a similar concept into its own stores which will probably be limited to the US for now, as the company only just announced the opening of its first flagship store in London, which opens its doors on July 11.