Thameslink Extends Trains for Kylie Minogue Pilgrims

By Gary Cutlack on at

Govia Thameslink is going all-out to stop festival goers getting upset by queues and a lack of seating on the escape back to the big city, as it's extending late night services to ferry coastal partiers home at the end of a night.

The bill is the fault of Kylie, as the main Minogue is headlining the Brighton and Hove Pride festival on the first weekend of August. Last year, revellers were left stranded due to chaotic scenes Brighton stations in a post-Britney dash to get home; so this year they're putting on more trains and extending existing services to help people get home, all humming All The Lovers as they go. Some idiot will try to start up a chorus of I Should Be So Lucky. Don't join in.

Thameslink said: "We have additional trains late into the night from Brighton which will provide capacity for 10,000 extra passengers into London after 22:30. All our London trains except one will be full-length, 12-carriage services (normally many are eight-to-10 carriages long)."

The rail franchise expects local police to help organise the post-Minogue comedown as well, better organising queues and making it less of a free for all to get on a train back to wherever. [BBC]