That Viral Video of a Family Fleeing an Avalanche is Totally Fake

By Matt Novak on at

Have you seen that viral video of a family watching an avalanche? The dad leaves his wife and kids to die as the avalanche barrels down on them. It’s pretty funny in a twisted way. But the video is totally fake.

The video has over 14.2 million views on Twitter as of this evening, but it appears that most people are sharing it without knowing that the footage is completely fake. The video clip is actually from a Swedish movie called Force Majeure, released in 2014.

One of the things that’s probably created some confusion is the quality of the video. The viral clip is somewhat pixelated and not at all as sharp as the video that you see in the trailer, which is available on YouTube.

This, no doubt, is giving people the impression that it was captured by security cameras or a smartphone rather than professional movie cameras. When you watch the trailer in HD, as you can below, it’s much more obvious from the quality of the film that it’s not real.

The avalanche is a central part of the movie and follows the marital tension that happens after the husband acts like such a coward. The movie has good reviews and currently has a 93 per cent rating from critics and a 71 per cent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yes, it’s a shocking video. But thankfully it’s just a movie.

Featured image: Twitter