The Almond OnePlus 7 Pro Goes on Sale on 25th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

So the OnePlus 7 Pro came out last month, shortly followed by the OnePlus a couple of weeks ago. Now all OnePlus fans had to wait for was the limited edition Almond OnePlus 7 Pro, sporting everything from the 7 Pro but in a colour that isn't blue or black. Well it's just been announced that it goes on sale on 25th June.

Only one Almond variant is available, and it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. So if you wanted the beat with 12GB of RAM then you'll have to make do with a blue phone. As for what the colour almond means, it's basically white with a bit of brown in it. Like the kind of tea someone might order if they were more interested in the milk. But beyond the colour there's nothing all to special about it, aside from the 'limited edition' moniker OnePlus has slapped on the box. Naturally this also means it does not have 5G.

The phone will be available to buy from John Lewis and OnePlus's own online store, and will cost you the same £699 it costs to buy the 8GB 7 Pro in other colours. Presumably it goes on sale at 10am, much like all the other OnePlus phones have.

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