The Apple Watch is Getting its Own App Store, No iPhone Required

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ever since it was introduced in 2015 Apple has been slowly making the Apple Watch a more independent device. So far we've had things like 4G connectivity, and today Apple has announced that Apple Watch will have access to its own app store on watchOS 6.

In other words this means you can install new software on the Apple Watch without having to go through an iPhone (or iPad, I guess). It also means developers can only develop for the Apple Watch, and won't need a companion iOS app.

You won't be able to get new watch faces in watchOS 6, but we can't have everything all at once. Time and again we've been shown that this isn't the Apple way.

At least we'll have apps. Well not we because I don't own a smartwatch, but you get what I mean. One of them is a calculator, which is apparently a big deal.