The BBC is Doing Cloud Storage and Wants You to Have Full Control Over Your Data

By Shabana Arif on at

The BBC has announced a new box for your home that aims at storing all of your precious personal data locally, giving you control over what you share and with whom.

Powered by a Raspberry Pi, the BBC Box gives users "full control" over the data stored about them, and how it's utilised, and it's all tucked away in a hexagonal box in your living room.

“Having this data under a participant’s control on one device is highly unusual and potentially disruptive, since this particular aggregation of data about the person exists nowhere else in the world – just on their BBC Box. It is also unusual because the data can only be processed on the BBC Box, and no third parties can access it without permission - not even the BBC," explains the blog post.

A specially designed BBC Box app creates an anonymous user profile that can be exported to get recommendations, while a second BBC app uses your personal data to recommend destinations you may want to visit the world over. You can check out how it all works in the video below, but you'll just have to pretend like the narrator sounds interested.

Future applications for the box list sharing data with charities, real-time quizzes or polls that sound, frankly, nightmarish, and "BBC Box-based video and text messenger for parents and their children."

The BBC Box is just a prototype right now, but giving people control over their data - which is valuable stuff these days - is a nifty idea. [SlashGear]