The Future is a Poundland Tracker on Every Important Lego Piece

By Gary Cutlack on at

A previously aspirational piece of branded technology has hit Poundland for the price of literally £1, with the TrackR Pixel promising to end the misery of near-range lost items with its Bluetooth connectivity.

Amazon and the gadget's manufacturer have been selling the TrackR Pixel for around the £10 mark, so presumably something's happened and/or gone very right or very wrong for them to hit Poundland for £1 a pop. What you get for your £1 is a Bluetooth device that pings its location to a nearby phone; hence it'll find things that have been lost in the immediate vicinity, perhaps as far away as on the steps outside or the communal area of mud and nettles the letting agent called a garden, but won't be much use if your lost item was left on the roof of a car and could be in places other than this room, that room or right there.

But if you do fancy the body part ache that is downloading an app and syncing to something via Bluetooth for when the remote control isn't in either of the two places it usually is, off to Poundland you go. It is, after all, only a pound.