The Money Shop Shuts Because Everyone Hates it

By Gary Cutlack on at

427 staff serving in more than 100 branches of The Money Shop – which recently pivoted from payday loan provider to a more traditional classic pawnbroker operation – are facing redundancy, as the chain literally surrenders under the weight of negative public opinion.

One of the main reasons given for the potential nationwide closure and binning of all staff is an "unprecedented number of customer complaints," triggered by outside claims management companies looking to represent former customers who feel wronged by the chain's overly aggressive past business methods.

The main page of The Money's Shop's web site currently hosts an impromptu text list of branches that are still open for business, but bosses have warned all staff that it is " longer viable to continue trading" so that list is likely to dwindle away rapidly, with pawned items moved to offsite locations should their owners need or be able to get them back. [This Is Money]