The North is Getting its Eden

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eden Project North has moved a big step nearer the actually happening stage, with the £85m project's backers submitting their environmental report to local planners and saying it could be ready to transform lucky old Morecambe by 2023.

The developers have told Lancaster City Council that the centre and its five mussel-shaped biospheres would take two years to build, and may eventually summon a staggering 760,000 visitors to the area each year. They're going to need bigger roads, in a similar way to how they tarmacked a lot of Cornwall to suck traffic into the original Eden Project.

This second Eden is to concentrate more on the sealife end of the natural spectrum seeing as it's bang on the shoreline, with the domes containing modern lidos and immersive experiences and observatories built around the marine environment, plus there's to be a 4,000-seater outdoor arena for bands to contribute to local traffic issues in the evenings.

Eden Project International's boss David Harland will no doubt helicopter or superyacht in so won't have to try to park a car in the Morecambe of the near future and said: "Having a positive impact on the internationally significant environment of Morecambe Bay is fundamental to our vision for this project. This report is the next step towards making Eden Project North a reality." [Construction Enquirer]