The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Here, and Here are all the Best UK Deals

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is out today, at long last. Sure the phone has been available to pre-order for a while, but now you can go online and get one delivered to your house as soon as possible. 5G may not be widely available yet, but if you plan on taking advantage you probably want a nice shiny phone that can tap into the new networks.

So we've done some digging, and found all the places you can buy the Galaxy S10 5G - plus how much it's going to cost you.


Obviously you can buy the S10 5G directly from Samsung, but from the looks of thing you will not be getting an unlocked model. The Samsung store has two different variants available, one labelled for EE customers and the other labelled for Vodafone customers. While it may seem nice to be able to pay off your phone in one go either way, neither EE or Vodafone is advertising any 5G SIM only deals as far as I can tell.

I double checked with EE and Vodafone's sales team and it seems neither of them will be offering you the option of buying a 5G SIM on its own. In other words if you buy the S10 5G from Samsung, you'll be stuck using 4G services for the immediate future - which basically defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

Still if you want the phone for the features, and not the 5G, then it'll cost you £1,099. You also have the choice of getting it on PayPal credit, with monthly payments starting at £45.80 a month. Just make sure you're on one of the two networks, and that you pick the right one.

We've already gone over the deals for the S10 5G over on EE, but in case you missed that (or just forgot) let us remind you what's going on.

The cheapest plan is £69 with £130 upfront, which gets you the usual 10GB of data and two of EE's swappable perks for a grand total of £1,686. Up next is the £74 a month deal, which has the same allowances as the £69 plan, but you only have to pay £30 upfront for a grand total of £1,806.

The most expensive plan is £89 a month for 120GB of data and three perks. That comes with a £10 upfront charge and means you'll be paying £2,146 overall. In the middle we have the £79 a month for 30GB data and £84 a month for 60GB data. These both only require a £10 upfront fee, and means you'll be paying £1,906 and £2,026, respectively.

These all come with EE's upgrade anytime perk too, so if you get bored with the phone you can swap it for a better contract anytime after the first 15 days.

The S10 5G has been available on Vodafone for a couple of weeks now, and if you pre-ordered you were able to get a special discount on the network's deals. Those deals ended yesterday, sadly, so if you were on the fence you're going to have to pay more. Of course the network's 5G services don't come online until next month, so it's not exactly foolish to have waited a bit longer.

So for the immediate future this is what you'll have to end up paying for the S10 5G on Vodafone.

Your cheapest plan is the £62 a month deal, with £149 upfront. That gets you 5GB of monthly data, and costs a total of £1,637 over the 24 month contract. That's £49 cheaper than EE's cheapest deal, though you sacrifice 5GB of data in the process.

Your most expensive plan are £77 a month with £49 upfront, for a total of £1,897. That gets you 50GB of data and access to Vodafone's Red Entertainment perk. Which is 24 months of Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV, or Sky Sports Mobile. That's significantly cheaper than EE's closest equivalents, which offer 30GB and 60GB for £79 and £84 a month respectively.

Be careful to pick the right plan here, because Vodafone offers a similar 100GB deal for the exact same overall price. The difference is it's not a 5G plan, and you're getting the extra data by getting stuck with 4G. The same goes for the £70 a month 60GB deal. If it doesn't say 5G ready, you won't get 5G when the networks launch next month.

In the middle Vodafone offers two more 5G deals. There's the £66 a month (with £99) upfront that offers 15GB of data and totals £1,683, plus a £70 a month deal with 30GB of data and a £49 upfront fee. That'll cost you £1,729.

The only other 5G Red Entertainment package costs £73 a month (with £99 upfront) and nets you 25GB of data. That'll cost you £1,851 overall.

O2 really wanted people to know that it would also be stocking the S10 5G, even going so far as to tell me that it would definitely be available on 7th June. It's not available via O2 at the time of writing, which shouldn't be a surprise since the network's 5G services aren't even close to launching yet. Maybe things will change throughout the day, but for the time being you're stuck with the regular 4G range.

No doubt the phone will arrive on O2 eventually, but from the looks of things that day is not today.

The Rest

So far this is all we know about who is stocking the Galaxy S10 5G. Mainly because this lot are the only one who have their 5G services in a position to warrant asking customers for money for 5G handsets to begin with. Maybe more networks will start offering the phone once they get up to speed, or maybe they'll just wait it out for the next wave of 5G devices. We'll just have to wait and see.