Trump Baby Balloon Stabbed in the Back but the Blimp Lives On

By Shabana Arif on at

A mini baby Trump balloon was the victim of a cowardly attack yesterday, after it was stabbed in the back and left in a crumpled, orange heap.

The Independent reports that a woman attending the London protests surrounding Trump's UK visit took umbrage to seeing the US president bloated with hot air and used a "pointed or bladed article" to puncture it.

"A woman...punctured the mini Trump baby replica with a sharp object,” said a spokesman for the 'babysitters' group tasked with looking after baby Trump. β€œIt’s not surprising that the far right would want to meet freedom of expression with violence.”

The Trump baby-saboteur was arrested for being in possession of a stabby implement, according to Scotland Yard.

Elsewhere in the protests, a man who we presume is a Trump supporter was surrounded by a baying crowd and had a milkshake thrown at his head, before being briefly pushed around by the people surrounding him, which is the opposite of meeting freedom of expression with violence. It just goes to show that deep down, we're really just the same. If that doesn't warm the old cockles, then I don't know what will.

The 20ft Trump blimp baby is safe and well, and is on its way to Dublin to meet the president at his next engagement. The Museum of London has expressed its desire to get hold of the giant balloon for future generations, so we've not seen the last of it yet.

Feature image credit: Twitter