Utility Fined £126m for Faking Dirty Water Test Results

By Gary Cutlack on at

Utility firm Southern Water is in a massive amount of trouble with industry regulator Ofwat, with its crimes ranging from improper treatment of waste water to manipulating test results to make its leakages and spillages look less harmful to the environment.

Ofwat has been investigating the water supplier since 2017, with the conclusion being that the firm "deliberately misreported data" in its waste water management systems and generally failed in the governance, management and reporting of the operation of treatment works, breaching its statutory duties to quietly suck away and render harmless the poos of the southern region.

Ofwat chief executive Rachel Fletcher said: "It was not just the poor operational performance, but the co-ordinated efforts to hide and deceive customers of the fact that are so troubling. The previous management failed to stamp out this behaviour and failed to manage its plants properly."

The good news, of a sort, is that a £123 million chunk of the fine is to be paid in the form of rebates to customers in its region, who can expect money off their water bills amounting to £61 per account over the next five years. [Ofwat via Sky News]

Image credit: Southern Water