Virgin Media Wants a Pat on the Back for Offering Customers Options When Their Broadband Is Out

By Shabana Arif on at

Virgin Media has rolled out a new service promise which means it will graciously do what it is you're paying it for, by making sure you stay connected to the internet in the event of broadband issues.

Announced alongside its new 'Oopmh' packages, customers with ultrafast broadband and mobile bundles will be offered unlimited 4G mobile data should their broadband bugger up for some reason. What that means for the cost of the broadband you're still footing the bill for while it's on the fritz isn't detailed.

If you want an engineer, you can just get in line and wait with the rest of the peasants, unless you're a top tier Ultimate Oomph customer. Then you get to snaffle them up with a guaranteed next-day visit.

The unlimited 4G data boost will last for seven days for everyone with a Virgin Mobile SIM registered on the account. If your broadband is still on the blink after that, you can request an additional data boost, but Virgin hasn't clarified if this is also free.

"We know how important it is for our customers to stay connected and that’s why Virgin Media’s new service promise offers peace of mind, no matter what happens," said Jeff Dodds, managing director of Virgin Media.

“It’s a simple, transparent and straight-up commitment to our customers that we’ll keep them online with superfast unlimited 4G mobile data if they experience an issue with their broadband, plus they have the option of a next-day engineer appointment to get things fixed.

“Our service promise is at the heart of our un-limiting Oomph bundle line-up which offers our customers an unrivalled connected entertainment experience in and out of the home – at great value.”

There are currently four Oomph bundles to choose from ranging from £37 per month, all the way up to the Ultimate Oomph's £99 a month, which goes up to £139 after the first 12 months of the contract.