Vodafone's £100 Burner Phones Have Notches Now Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you've dropped your proper phone in the toilet or had it stolen off you by a moped rider with a machete, Vodafone has some good news; its cheap, £100 emergency single use smartphones now "rock" the fashionable-in-2017 notch look as well.

The network has launched two new budget models for children or those mourning the recent death of their £699 flagship, with the cheapest of the pair -- the £105 Vodafone Smart V10 -- coming with a teardrop notch that could fool a passerby into thinking your phone is manufactured by an aspirational brand. The V10 has a 5.9-inch screen, twin rear cameras and a front camera too, runs on Android 9.0, and would almost certainly be usable if you only plan to do one thing at a time on it.

If your emergency phone budget can't even stretch that far, there's the £73 Vodafone Smart N10, yours, or your child's, with a wider, squarer notch, a bit like the ones on proper expensive phones with the better cameras. The V10 is out now, the N10 follows on June 17.