The OnePlus 7 is Out Today: Here's Where You Can Buy One in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been out for a few weeks now, so its time for its little brother/sister to make its way into the world. The OnePlus 7 is more like an incremental upgrade to the OnePlus 6T, meaning it doesn't have all the big flashy features that come with the Pro. That said that doesn't mean it's a bad phone, and with prices starting at £499 it's a lot more enticing for people with stricter budget. But unlike the OnePlus 6T it's not available absolutely everywhere, so lets run you through who has the phone on sale.

If you're looking for the OnePlus 7 Pro and ended up here by mistake, make sure to check out our deals page and see what takes your fancy. If you still don't know the difference between the two, then we have you covered there as well.

OnePlus would no doubt prefer you buy the 7 Pro, but if your heart is set on the regular 7 then it's not going to turn you away. Everything went on sale at 10am BST, with both OnePlus 7 models in stock. That means you can get the one with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for £499 or the one with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for £549. No choice on colours sadly and both are only available in Mirror Grey.

OnePlus is also the best place to grab yourself some accessories, and the official shop currently carries everything from protective cases to spare chargers and headphones. Heck you can get a Warp Charger for your car if you're willing to spend £50 on it. Word of advice, though. The OnePlus 7 doesn't support Warp Charge 30, so be smart and grab yourself a regular fast charger for nearly half the price. And I'd avoid the tempered glass screen protectors, because in my experience they were far too quick to break.

Amazon wasn't selling the OnePlus 7 at launch (though things seem to have changed in the weeks since), but according to OnePlus it will be stocking the OnePlus 7 tomorrow. It's not there at the time of writing, but hopefully it'll pop up once they go on sale on the OnePlus website.

Amazon is only stocking the 8/256GB model as far as I can see, so if you wanted the cheapest option you're out of luck. It's the same £549 as OnePlus is selling it for, though it comes with the option of Prime delivery. So you can get it quickly, and alongside a box of rubber gloves, whatever DVD is on sale today, and a random charger for that thing you can't remember the name of.

The only local retailer that's selling the 7 and 7 Pro SIM free is John Lewis, which also has some 6T left in stock if you fancy one of those. From the looks of things it's the same single model as Amazon, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Prime delivery obviously isn't an option, but John Lewis does off free Click & Collect so you could pick it up at your nearest branch on your way home - and save waiting in for the postman all day. Assuming there is one near you, that is.



The only network to have the regular OnePlus 7 for some reason, which would look nice alongside the 5G 7 Pro that's been on sale for the past week. Unlike John Lewis and Amazon EE only seems to have the least powerful OnePlus 7 Pro model, packing in 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. That's not great if you were willing to spend £50 on a bit more memory, but this is what we've been given to work with.

There are lots of deals to choose from here, and the cheapest is going to cost you £40 a month with £100 upfront. Sadly that gets you the bare minimum, with 1GB of data on offer and zero of EE's swappable benefits. At least you still get unlimited calls and texts, though. If you want at least one benefit you'll have to pay at least £54 a month (with £30 upfront) for another 10GB data plan.

The most expensive offers 100GB of data, and two swappable benefits for £69 a month with £10 up front. If the benefits aren't of interest to you you can get the same 100GB of data for £64 a month and £10 upfront. All the other deals are somewhere in the middle, so head over to EE and go nuts.