Wonder Woman 1984's New Poster Gives Us a Look at Diana's Stunning Armour

By Germain Lussier on at

It seems Diana Prince is going to war next summer when Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas. A new poster debuted by director Patty Jenkins shows the DC superhero in a gleaming set of armour seemingly inspired by a famous comic book run.

Here’s the tweet from Jenkins, which also comes with the news that Warner Brothers is not going to have a Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

And here’s a larger, full version of the poster.

The teaser poster for Wonder Woman 1984.Image: Warner Bros.

Once you get past those intensely vivid 1980s colours, you see that Diana is wearing armour—and it sure looks like her most famous comic book armour, which was worn in Kingdom Come, a short but impactful ‘90s miniseries by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

With exactly a year to go until Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas, it’s unlikely we’ll get a trailer or anything until December, as Jenkins mentioned. But this poster is extremely awesome just by itself.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens June 5, 2020.

Featured image: Warner Bros