Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Automatically Upgrade Your Old Subscriptions, But There is Small Print

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last might Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a subscription services that rolls Game Pass, Game Pass PC, and Xbox Live Gold altogether into a single £11 a month subscription. It's not a bad deal, and Microsoft tried to make it sweeter by offering everyone the chance to enjoy a single month of the service for the low price of £1. But before you sign up it's probably a good idea to read the small print.

Signing up for Game Pass Ultimate, even just the free trial, will automatically upgrade any existing Game Pass and Gold subscriptions into the new service. This might be a good thing if you have both anyway, but you might not be pleased to hear that it doesn't include a 1:1 conversion rate. There's also no way to get your old subscriptions back once they've been converted.

The ratio seems to be roughly 3:2, and it applies to both Gold and Game Pass subscriptions. In other words if you have a month of each left you'll get 40 days of Game Pass Ultimate. This conversion rate also applies to any other codes you redeem after joining Ultimate, which could prove beneficial if you can get your hands on some cheap codes for Xbox Live Gold. The only issue is that you can only redeem up to 36 months of Game Pass Ultimate by conversion. Anything over that will be lost, even if you already redeemed those codes before the announcement.

So in other words think very carefully about whether you it's worth upgrading right now.