Xiaomi's Mi Smart Band 4 Is Bigger, Better, and Launches This Summer

By Shabana Arif on at

If you want a fitness tracker but don't necessarily fancy dropping a couple hundred quid on something fancy, you're in luck; Xiaomi is launching its Mi Smart Band 4 in the UK this summer for just £35.

The tracker has up to 20 days of battery, activity and swim tracking, health monitoring, and a new full-colour AMOLED touch display that's almost 40 per cent larger than the company's last fitness tracker. The Mi Smart Band 3 was a steal at just £20, and while the price has been jacked up by 75 per cent, it's still super cheap compared to what's out there right now and seems like it'll do the job.

As for customisation, there are five colour (adjustable) straps to choose from, and 77 themes. You can view fitness stats, notifications, messages, view the seven day forecast, and more. It's a versatile little thing for the price point.

So that's a bigger, more colourful screen, and swim tracker for extra £15, plus the new six-axis sensor for more accurate activity tracking. Not too shabby.

Mi Smart Band 4 has already launched in Beijing, Italy, Spain, and France, with an unconfirmed UK date to follow.