York Fish & Chip Shop Plans Chinese Outlet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A chippy near York is expanding into China, with Scotts Fish and Chips agreeing to a Chinese consortium's request to open a replica branch of the frying specialist in the country.

Scotts Fish and Chips hit the news last year, when reporters discovered it had become a surprise smash with visiting Chinese tourists heading to York from London. Scotts translated its menu into Mandarin and Cantonese  and began promoting itself heavily on Chinese social media, to such success that it routinely hosts hundreds of Chinese tourists during peak months, keen to try the national dish when the coach passes by.

And now Scotts is to expand into China itself. Owner Tony Webster has confirmed that a group of Chinese businessmen have offered to help him build a replica of his chippy in the city of Chengdu, and said: "It will be a facsimile of what we have alongside the A64 at Bilbrough. This is an incredibly exciting prospect -- one that I could never have imagined 12 months ago." [BBC]