You Can Get Nearly £150 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Thanks to Amazon

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're not that far off from the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, if rumours are to be believed, but that may make this a great time to pick up a Galaxy Note 9. Prices are coming down, and let's face it, the Note 10 isn't likely to be that much different. Phones never are these days. You could wait until closer to launch, when there will undoubtedly be plenty of price cuts to enjoy, but if you can't wait you can enjoy nearly £150 off the RRP right now.

Normally a SIM free 128GB Galaxy Note 9 would cost you £650, but it's currently £506.62 on Amazon, which is a saving of £143. Which is pretty good for last year's flagship, especially when the similarly-sized Galaxy S10 Plus costs £899 for the same amount of storage. Plus the Note 9 comes with that fancy Bluetooth S Pen that can be used for... some stuff that isn't drawing or writing.

All four colours are available, but it's only the Midnight Black variant that gets the massive discount. The other three vary from £522.31 to £544. Since you should be keeping your expensive phone in a case anyway, it probably doesn't matter what colour you buy, so you might as well get the boring black.