2019's Next Protest Blimp is Inevitably Boris Johnson

By Gary Cutlack on at

The one-man political Hindenberg that is Boris Johnson is the target of come-lately satirists who've stolen someone else's idea, with a funding plea underway to raise enough money to build a blimp of the already grossly over-inflated and fit-to-burst potential next prime minister.

The crowd funding attempt is being led by March for Change, which would like at least £10,000 to build one of those ineffective balloons shaped in the likeness of their political enemy. Like the one of Sadiq Khan that didn't bring down the London mayor, or the one of Trump that could barely even get it up under pressure when it came down to it. By the year 2020 you'll be able to buy blimps of your mate for a stag do.

The Boris blimp's backers think they can fast-track the creation of their Boris balloon in time for July 20, when it plans to stage the 'No to Boris, Yes to Europe Demo' in London. [Blimps for Whatever]

Image credits: Michael Reeve/Flickr (Trump Balloon) and Arno Mikkor (EU2017EE)/Flickr (Boris)