5G Railnext Granted Over £2m to Transform Your Commute With AR and MR Content

By Shabana Arif on at

If you've found your train journeys to be somewhat lacklustre, you'll be pleased to hear that the dawning of 5G heralds changes to your commute in the form of Augmented and Mixed reality content.

In real terms, that means you'll be treated to a shit ton of obnoxious ads that there is no escaping from, transporting you to your own mini dystopia on the way to work.

The £2.4m project is being put together by the Cisco-led 5G Railnext consortium, which includes Strathclyde University and Glasgow Council, and Soluis and Ampletime of London, and will initially roll out across the Seoul Metro system. The organisation won the grant following a competition April, and is being funded by the UK and South Korean Governments who are splitting the cost between them.

Passengers will be able to view AR and MR content - that extends from ads to entertainment and travel information - via wearable tech, like headsets. The second part of the project will see the same technology make its way to the Glasgow Metro, and eventually New York and London.

"5G is the future of connectivity and we want the UK to be a world leader. This collaboration with South Korea will explore innovative ways to use the technology to deliver content and services on transport networks in Seoul and Glasgow," said digital minister, Margot James.

"I’m delighted that this will create new partnership and business opportunities for UK SMEs, academia and local government."

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty thrilled at the prospect of donning a headset provided by a public transport service that's been on god knows how many sweaty faces, and being bombarded with AR adverts. The future is now and it's gross. [Gov.uk]

Featue image credit: Unsplash