A New Government Scheme Will See Workers Who Have Lost Their Jobs to Robots Get Retrained

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're afraid that robots might be coming for your job, don't fret too much as a new government scheme will have you you retrained and tossed back into the workplace in no time.

Automation could take over up to 20 million manufacturing jobs over the next decade, according to forecasting and analytics firm, Oxford Economics, so to quell any impending riots, the government is trialling a new scheme in Liverpool that will help those booted out of their jobs to find a new career path, or to add more skills to their repertoire so they're once more worth more than a robot to a corporation.

"Technologies like AI and automation are transforming the way we live and work and bringing huge benefits to our economy," said education secretary Damian Hinds. "But it also means that jobs are evolving and some roles will soon become a thing of the past.

"The National Retraining Scheme will be pivotal in helping adults across the country, whose jobs are at risk of changing, to gain new skills and get on the path to a new, more rewarding career."

Hinds added that it's "a big and complex challenge," so the scheme will start out on a small scale, and roll out incrementally and "only when it's ready to benefit its users."

C-suite executives are apparently the ones pushing for automation, and who can blame them when their goal is to cut costs rather than making sure employees remain employed.

Howeber TechUK, the organisation that represents the UK tech industry, says that "no job is likely to remain untouched by the fourth Industrial Revolution," adding that we'll all need to learn new skills when the robots come for our pay cheques. [BBC News]

Featured image: Unsplash